Our solutions

Our solutions
    • Size of the farm:more than 1500HA
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    • Location:farm in Kristianstad area
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    • Crop production:sugar beets, barley, carrots, potatoes, ...
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    • Approximate percentage of irrigated area in the farm:90%

Initial irrigation equipment: hose reels

Previous situation, problem:

  • many hose reels on the farm required dedicated serious employees 24h/24 7/7days.
  • Very difficult to find people who agree to do this job properly.
  • High power consumption with hose reels working at high pressure.
  • Climate is more and more windy (climate change?), it disturbs hose reel irrigation and leads to poor irrigation uniformity.

Technical solution offered:

  • OTECH Linears and center pivots machines with special options to fit as well as possible to the field shape and irrigate each part of the field with the same precision

Special options: DOSITECH for remotely full control of the irrigation Folding tower and raised overhang to increase the irrigated area and fit to the field shape

The realisation, the obstacles (human, financial, technical, …) that had to be overcome to implement this change: Investment is not bigger than hose reel irrigation systems if we consider the time we save (no labor to move the machine from one position to the other,…) and the energy saved by working at a lower pressure (thanks to VFD, only 3 bars necessary at the machine enable to work at a lower frequency, which means less power consumption…). The systems with all the option seems to be quite complex (at the beginning) and that’s the main reason we have chosen to work with Vibyteknik, the most experienced center pivot and linear dealer in Sweden.

The way it works now: Irrigation uniformity is better, which leads to higher yields with less work than before.

Customer satisfaction: Now, we are thinking about setting up new machines in many fields, but sometimes we need to remove aerial powerlines to have the best coverage. the administrative procedures to move the overhead power lines take time but I encourage my colleagues in this process to manage irrigation more serenely.

Nice Pictures of this case study:

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