The laterals are moving irrigation systems to irrigate rectangular parcels. On these machines, there is no fixed anchor point to the ground; therefore, the lateral must support the mechanical pressures of the moving loads. Hence, the cart frame is made in S275 galvanised steel in compliance with the NF EN ISO 1461 and it is equipped with an electric management system in compliance with the NF EN909 February 2009 + A1. We chose these top-quality components to make Otech's experience known as global leader in the production of laterals

Our ST product line: « Linear »

Nozzling chart

Models Diameter Thickness Rate of flow max 3m/s Rate of flow max 3.5m/s
ST141 Ø139.7 3 152 m3/h 177 m3/h
ST168 Ø168.3 3 223 m3/h 261 m3/h
ST168 Ø168.3 4 218 m3/h 254 m3/h
ST193 Ø193.7 3 299 m3/h 349 m3/h
ST193 Ø193.7 4 292 m3/h 341 m3/h
ST245 Ø244.5 4 475 m3/h 554 m3/h