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mini pivotstPivot ST

pivot tourcomplet

Pivot Speedy Rain

Speedy Rain

pivot speedy

Towable pivot on wheels

Pivot déplaçable sur roues

pivot deplacable

Towable pivot on skis

Pivot déplaçable sur skis pivot ski
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Beyond its standard range, OTECH offers products developed specifically to meet the exact needs of its customers :

Double pivot ST168 & ST245 : for flows until 1000 m3/h and an instantaneous application divided by 2
Swingable overhang of 30 m : to optimize the irrigated area by avoiding obstacles such as houses, trees, pylons, etc.
Hydraulic Pivot  :a machine using the energy of the water to move wihout losses and without waste (the "driving" water is used for irrigation).

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pivot hydrau 3dhydrau1
Sand filtration system : this type of machine allows the application of wastewater on a sand filter, for example on the last phase of water treatment in a sewage treatment plant. piv infep-2rm1
Canal pumping on float : refer to us flotteur2flotteur
Coated pipes : for more protection and less pressure losses.

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mini 2rm12RM1

2rm1 3d

mini 4rm14RM1

4rm1 3d

mini 4rm124RM1-2

4rm12 3d

mini 4rmve4RMVE

4rmve 3d

mini 4rmg4RMG

4rmg 3d

mini 4rmgd4RMG-D

4rmg 3d
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